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Drop Debt Coach is free of charge exclusively on YouTube.  Drop Debt Coach is a revolutionary “do it yourself” series of videos and audios that brings my Drop Debt book to life so anyone can become an effective negotiator.  In just a few hours you can learn how to settle your debts without bankruptcy – and – without paying heavy fees to a debt settlement company.

You will find an a A and B for each section.  The A section contains a video of me explaining and aspect of the debt settlement process.  The B section contains expanded information together with text, links and other crucial resources.

Drop Debt Coach assumes that any bill collector will be willing to work with you if you know what to say and how to ask.  My “win-win” approach has caught the imagination and the attention of consumers and creditors.  The bill collector who is currently hounding may soon be helping you to Drop Debt.

To get maximum benefit from these modules it is important for you to understand the process of debt relief from beginning to end.  I hope this overview will properly set the stage for your Drop Debt Coaching experience.

  1. Introduction
  2. How Much Do You Owe?
  3. Budgeting to Win!
  4. Stop The Crazy
  5. My Deal or Yours?
  6. Facts Always Win!
  7. What You’re Up Against
  8. Bankruptcy: Yes, No, Maybe
  9. Offers and Counter-Offers
  10. Work With Me
  11. Get Your Settlement In Writing
  12. Legal Challenges and Resources
  13. Recovering Your Good Credit
  14. Debt Settlement and Taxes
  15. On The Road To Wealth

Every creditor has a hardship department organized to help you when life events like death, divorce, sickness and unemployment make it impossible to pay your credit cards as agreed. The fact is that creditors and the collectors who work for them really want to help you.  The truth is, they want to talk to you, and only you, and not a debt settlement company.  The challenge is to know how to have that conversation and not be bullied into commitments you cannot keep.  That is why I wrote Drop Debt.  That is why I have created Drop Debt Coach; to help you overcome your fear of working out your debts.  The series of modules you see in the left-hand menu are designed to coach you through the win-win process of coming to settlement with your creditors without bankruptcy.

Here is an example of the new thinking in bill collecting.

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