Join Me on KABC TalkRadio and Drop Debt!

Show Producer John Biyikoglu and Host Harvey Warren on “Drop Debt with Harvey Warren”

Every Sunday night at 10-11pm PT, join me on KABC TalkRadio 790 for the “ins and outs” of how to overcome the challenges of significant credit card debt by settling without filing bankruptcy.

Gain valuable information so you can make informed decisions about your options  for debt relief.  We will also feature guests who share beneficial information on how to avoid recreating this problem in your future from a financial, psychological and business perspective.

The program’s long-term agenda is to help you with debt relief, credit rehab and ultimately guide you  into effective financial planning for your future.

Call in and ask questions at 1-800-ABC-KABC  ( 1-800-222-5222) live during the “Drop Debt with Harvey Warren Show”. I’d love to hear from YOU!