Harvey Interviewed on “Chats with Champions” with Blair Singer

Chats with Champions (March 22, 2012)
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Your Net Worth is NOT your Self Worth!
Join us for our next Chat with Champions call on Thurs., March 22nd, at 4pm PT.

Being in debt and feeling like there is no relief in sight can surely stir up a host of “Little Voice” issues. We will discuss what some of those issues may be and, moreover, what you can do about them to get your life back on track.

I will be interviewing Harvey Z. Warren. Harvey is the author of Drop Debt, Surviving Credit Card Hell Without Bankruptcy. He frequently appears on television and radio programs commenting on the consumer debt crisis in America.

Many people become paralyzed by their financial burden and are afraid to take action. Harvey will address the financial issues that so many people face and share with you complimentary resources that will help you put a plan in motion. Harvey has said to me in the past, “Lack of action is worse than lack of money”.

If debt is holding you hostage from getting what you really want out of life, I highly recommend you tune into this call.